Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sanders forms 2010 Charter Task Force

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders announced on Friday the formation of the 2010 Charter Task Force. The seven-member Task Force, chaired by former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes will be asked to make recommendations for updating the Jackson County Constitutional Home Rule Charter. Sanders stressed one objective of this Task Force will be to explore options for making permanent his administration’s focus on ethics reform and limitations to the powers afforded the County Executive.

"It is important that we ensure, with Charter reform," Sanders said, "that subsequent County Executives -- through the mere stroke of a pen -- can't undo the reforms that we think have reshaped and restructured the way Jackson County government operates."

Joining Chairperson Kay Barnes on the Task Force are Karen E. Curls, Dr. Robert E. Hertzog, John Humphrey, Dorothy Kennedy, Fred Mills and Paul G. Rojas.

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