Friday, April 9, 2010

Grandview gears up for Yard of the Month program

The City of Grandview will begin its annual Yards of the Month program in May. The city hopes to work with Grandview neighbors who are willing to help select the City of Grandview Yard of the Month winners each month from May through August.
“We’d like to have a resident volunteer from each of Grandview’s three wards to help decide the winning yards,” said Chris Chiodini, Director of the Grandview Community Development Department. “It’s simple…we just need someone willing to drive through the neighborhoods in their ward and write down the addresses of yards which should be considered to receive the award.”
The winning homeowners from each Ward are honored at a Board of Aldermen meeting, published in the Jackson County Advocate, receive a gift bag of prizes and get bragging rights for the month. Past prizes have included passes to The View community center, restaurant and shop gift certificates.
Anyone can nominate a yard for consideration. If you would like to nominate a yard and provide the property address of the home being nominated, or volunteer to help select winners throughout the summer, please call the Grandview Community Development Department at 316-4820,.
In selecting homes to receive the Yard of the Month awards, the following considerations are made:
• The house, yard, and any displays should make a cohesive statement.
• While the award is for the yard, the house is also taken into consideration. Garage doors needing paint, damaged gutters, and other distractions are taken into consideration when reviewing the yard.
• Improvement is noticed, appreciated, and may be rewarded.
• Prior winners cannot win the same award for a period of 5 years. (i.e.: Winners in June are ineligible for another summer award for 5 years, but are still eligible for Fall and Holiday awards during that time.) This policy helps to share the recognition for hard work.
“If you do not win for your yard, please do not get frustrated or give up,” Chiodini said. “Neighbors are looking at everyone’s yard. Your yard and home is appreciated (and helps make your neighborhood look great!)”

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