Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shots Fired at Truck as it Nearly Hits GVPD Officer

By Andrea Wood

A Belton man is in custody after putting the life of a Grandview Police Officer in jeopardy last Thursday.

According to police reports, Grandview officers were called to assist Belton Police in pursuit of car being driven by 21 year-old Jason Elliott of Belton, at 2:38 am.

Two Grandview officers were deploying “stop sticks” into the intersection of 155th Street and North Scott Avenue when Elliott’s Dodge pick-up truck was spotted heading northbound in the southbound lanes at an extremely high rate of speed.

A 25 year-old Grandview officer, who has been with the department for three years, was in the intersection as truck approached, and attempted to get out of the way.
Witnesses said that the Dodge suddenly swerved left, and then right, “each time re-directing the Dodge in the direction of the victim as though attempting to strike him with the vehicle.”

The officer said that in fear of his life, he fired four rounds of his .45 caliber duty weapon at the vehicle as the Dodge passed within feet of him. Elliott’s vehicle was hit, but he was not.

The officer, along with several other Belton and Grandview police, then pursued Elliott northbound into Grandview, where stop sticks were successful and the suspect was arrested near 124th and 71 Highway.

Elliott has been charged with Felony Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer and Felony Resisting a Lawful Stop. His bond is being recommended at $250,000 cash.
Meanwhile, the police officer who fired at the oncoming truck is back on duty.

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