Thursday, January 27, 2011

C-4 Puts $7 million Bond on Ballot

By Paul Thompson
A $7 million bond for upkeep of Grandview C-4 District school buildings will officially be placed on the April 5 voting ballot.

The C-4 Board of Education decided in their regularly scheduled January 20th meeting to proceed with the discussed no-tax increase bond, approving it's placement on the ballot with a unanimous vote.

Board President Ann Fisher supported placing the bond on the ballot, especially considering that it requires no tax increase.

"It's not just a no-tax increase but a no levy increase as well," noted Fisher.

If approved, $1million will be allocated for parking lot upgrades. Grandview High School would receive $300,000 for new windows, $485,000 for unit ventilators, and $75,000 to install brick or stone in the front fa├žade. At Grandview Middle School, the entire Heating/Cooling system would be replaced at an estimated cost of $2.4 million. At Belvidere and Butcher-Greene, unit ventilators would be installed for $490,000.

An additional $750,000 would be used annually over three years for repairs and building needs district-wide.

The Board also authorized Grandview C-4 administrators to submit an application to Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the Quality Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) program, which allows for schools to get 0% interest loans from the federal government. The district will try to secure QZAB's help to save over $4 million of interest on the bond.

Board member Allen Meyer noted that the Grandview Chamber of Commerce had already expressed their support of the bond during a meeting earlier in the day.

"I was pleased today when the chamber went ahead and supported us on the bond initiative," said Meyer.

The school board's decision to proceed with placement of the bond means that the issue will now go directly to the voters.

The bond will need 57% of the votes to pass through the April ballot.

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