Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slay James New KC Mayor

After what is already being called one of the friendliest elections in local history, Kansas City has a new mayor, and his name is Sly James. Though early results from the Northland favored his opponent, Mike Burke, James surged ahead once all precincts began to report. James took 54 (38,265) percent of the vote, while Burke garnered 46 percent (32,117). The close numbers match those of February’s primary, when only  28 votes separated the two candidates.
James said his top priorities as mayor would be what he called the “Four E’s” - Employment,  Enforcement, Education, and   Efficiency.
“We’re facing some very real challenges right now. We need to create jobs, get tougher on crime, improve our schools, and make City Hall work for the people who live here,” James said during the campaign.
Burke was gracious in defeat.
“We have so many things to be proud of. And I’m pleased that as a result of tonight’s election, we will have a mayor that will help tell that Kansas City story and make us proud again.”
Meanwhile in City Council’s 6th District, voters gave incumbent John Sharp another term with a comfortable 67 percent of the vote (8,808) to 33 percent (4,401) gained by challenger Terrence Nash.
The 6th District At Large seat will stay in the family, as Scott Taylor took 61 percent of the vote (37,295) to win election to the council seat being vacated by his wife, Cathy Jolly. His opponent, Tracy Ward, took 39 percent of the vote (23,808).
The 5th District At Large race went to Cindy Circo, who had 74 percent of the vote (46,061). Her opponent, Charlie Angel, took 26 percent (16,132).
In the 4th District, the At Large seat went to Jim Glover with 55 percent (34,788). His opponent, John Crawford, got 45 percent of the vote (28,388).
The 3rd District’s At Large seat was retained by incumbent Melba Curls, who did so with 57 percent (35,231) of the vote. Her challenger, Brandon Ellington, took 43 percent (26,577).
In the 2nd District At Large race, Ed Ford was given another term by voters with 57 percent of the vote (35,465). His challenger, Allen Dillingham, had 43 percent (27,167).
The 1st District At Large seat went to Scott Wagner, who had 70 percent of the vote (42,469). His opponent, Daina Kennedy, had 30 percent (18,365). 

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