Monday, April 25, 2011

Aiman Honored as C-1 School Board Regroups

Last Tuesday, April 12th, Hickman Mills School Board Member Debbie Aiman was presented with a plaque from Board President Bonnaye Mims, thanking her for her service during the last three years.  In a close election on April 5th, Aiman was not able to retain her seat on the board. After Breman Anderson, Dan Osman and Bonnaye Mims took the oath of office, the board reorganized. Mims was once again voted as President, receiving votes from April Cushing, George Flesher and Dan Osman. Darrell Curls was also nominated for President, with support from J.T Brown and Breman Anderson. George Flesher was elected as Vice-President, with votes from Mims, Cushing, Osman and Flesher. J.T. Brown was also nominated, and received votes from Curls and Anderson.

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