Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sewer Holding Basins Planned for Raytown Road and I-470

By Andrea Wood
The Little Blue Valley Sewer District plans to use 23 acres of land near the KCMO Yard Waste drop-off site (Raytown Road & I-470) to hold excess waste water during storms.
About four times per year, said project manager Michael Looney, the area gets so much rain that the Atherton Wastewater Treatment Plant cannot handle it all. The plant can handle 150 million gallons per day, and major rain events can generate 250 million gallons.
Overflows can occur, when the water is not disinfected before it dumps into the Missouri River.
The State of Missouri and the EPA are cracking down on waste water overflows. By 2013, all waste water must be treated before going in the Missouri River--even if there is a big storm.
So the Little Blue Valley Sewer District is proposing to build the two holding basins, where waste water can sit for 24-48 hours until the Atherton plant has the capacity to disinfect it.
“Should there be any odors, chemicals can be added to the wastewater to help,” Looney said. “Water cannons will also be built so that solids can be washed out.”
Cell #1 would be concrete, could hold approximately 16 million gallons, and would be fenced. Cell #2 would hold approximately 78 million gallons, and would be lined with grass.
“Most of the site was once used by the Kansas City, Missouri Water Services Department as wastewater treatment lagoons,” Looney said.  “They were decommissioned in the late 1970s.”
He said the area will be empty and dry most of the time, and odors are not anticipated.
The $13 million holding basins would be used for approximately 20 years.
The yard waste drop-off site would remain where it is, and the Little Blue Valley Sewer District would improve the road leading down to the drop-off site and holding basins as part of the plan.
“Pending permit approval by the City of Kansas City, Missouri and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, we anticipate construction could begin in the Spring/Summer of 2012,” Looney said.
The plan is scheduled to go before the KCMO Planning Commission on May 3rd.

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