Thursday, May 5, 2011

KC Water Bills on the Rise

By Andrea Wood
Water rates are on the rise...again.
The Kansas City Water Services Department issued a system-wide rate increase, which began on Sunday, May 1st. With rising costs associated with infrastructure improvements, flat demand for water as appliances and residents get more “green” with their usage, and “historic underpricing,” the department says rates must be raised.
“You are going to see significant rate increases in the near future,” Water Services CFO Sean Hennessy told the Southern Communities Coalition last month.
Hennessy said that the city’s efforts to comply with the Clean Water Act and other federal regulations are expensive ventures. He said the department must replace aging infructure and address overflow issues, and those costs are going to be reflected in residents’ water and sewer bills.
The Jackson County Public Water Supply District #1, which primarily serves Grandview and purchases its water from Kansas City, issued a statement about the rate increases this spring:
“The continuing annual increases in rates by Kansas City, along with the cost of repair and replacing aging water mains, leaves the District with no choice other than a rate increase.

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