Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandview Redraws Wards

By Seann McAnally
As Kansas City officials work to redraw council district boundaries, Grandview officials reshuffled its wards on Tuesday. The Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance that redraws the boundaries for the city’s three wards – the areas represented by aldermen. The move is required by state law following the results of the 2010 census. 
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“We tried to balance out the wards the best we could, which is the intent, with the least disruption,” said Cory Smith, city administrator.
The ward that is most affected is Ward 3 – the city’s fastest-growing area. Parts of Ward 3 that were adjacent to Wards 1 and 2 were moved into one of those wards.
“By law, we couldn’t keep them the same – they were too far off from being equal in population,” Smith explained. “Now, they will be well within the tolerance levels allowed.”
The current ward populations are 7,902 in Ward 1, 7,519 in Ward 2, and 9,054 in Ward 3. With the change, the populations will be 8,173 in Ward 1, 8,191 in Ward 2, and 8,111 in Ward 3.
Essentially, some Ward 3 residents who live in the Meadowmere area between 71 Highway and Bennington, and between 137th Street and 140th Street, are now in Ward 2. And some Ward 3 residents who live between Bennington and Winchester/Cambridge, and between 134th Terrace and Highgrove Road, and now in Ward 1.
But the change won’t affect elections this year. 
“We understand from the Jackson County Election Board that the current wards will remain the same for the November election this year – they don’t have time to get everybody notified of the changes between now and then,” Smith said. 
   The wards will be effective starting in 2012. The Election Board will also have to redraw voting precinct lines, which it has not yet done. 
   Ward 1 is represented by aldermen Leonard Jones and Brent Steeno. Ward 2 is represented by aldermen Joe Runions and Annette Turnbaugh. Ward 3 is represented by aldermen Jim Crain and John Maloney.

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