Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Missing Grandview Man Found Dead

Kenneth Corder
A Grandview man who had been missing for more than a week was found dead near his car in Riverside on Saturday.
The Grandview Police Department had issued an Endangered SILVER Advisory for Kenneth L. Corder, age 81, who resided in the 13200 block of Spring St in Grandview.
According to police, Kenneth was seen driving his Chevy Silverado in various locations throughout the metro area, appearing lost and confused, on Friday, September 16.
At approximately 2:24pm a Johnson County, Kansas deputy had contact with Corder and gave him directions to Grandview after Corder stated he was lost. At 4:30 PM Corder was seen on private property in Creighton, MO, where he told the residents he was lost and trying to find a restaurant in Harrisonville.  He was last seen alive between 9 -10 pm at the QT gas station at 68th and Highway 169 in Kansas City, MO, where he appeared disoriented and was unable to work the gas pump by himself.
He was found eight days later, lying next to his vehicle in a remote area of Riverside south of I-635 near 69 Highway.
Riverside Police said that Kenneth was found by a person on foot doing work for a local business, and that he was not visible from the roadway.
The cause of death is unknown at press time, but police say it appears he died of natural causes. The Jackson County Medical Examiner is determining the cause of death.

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  1. This is a really sad story we followed from here in LA. My father lived not far from there, on Oakland, and had dementia. We let him live on his own mostly, but one Monday morning we got a call from the sheriff's office in Bates County.

    He had been pulled off 71 going southbound in the northbound lanes for quite some distance, at 3am.

    They managed to find a friend of mine there, then in turn got in touch with us.

    We owe the Sheriff's dept there a lot, as well as a tow service who towed his car back up to Grandview, then "neglected" to send us a bill.

    I wish such people had been able to help this gentleman. Nothing against those who interacted with him, my father probably would have continued and did continue to insist he was okay, until he was scared into some sense by this incident.

    We were lucky and fortunate we were able to care for him till he passed and he got mostly independent living till then. BTW this happened in the late 90's if anyone is reading and wondering who the people were.