Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grand Summit Complex to Expand

The Grand Summit apartment complex may be expanding.
The Grandview Board of Aldermen had a public hearing at its Oct. 11 regular session to consider a plan for an additional phase of the multi-family development near Shalimar Park and the Belvidere neighborhood on the south side of the city, just south of 150 Highway.
The developer, Lindsey Management, wants to add two additional phases of construction to the project, each including 288 units. That would bring the total number of living units in the complex to 900. The original project was approved in 2002. There are some 325 units at the complex.
In addition, Lindsey Management would be responsible for upgrades to Corrington Ave., which would connect the extension of Grand Summit Blvd. within the complex to 155th St. on the south. Corrington Ave. would be built to city standards and become a public street.
Overall the aldermen were supportive of the project, though Alderman Jim Crain echoed some concerns the Planning Commission had about the look of the development. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the project on Oct. 5, but required the developer to use exterior building materials that would match the character and quality of the existing development, with some color variation to avoid monotony.
One citizen testified at the Planning Commission hearing, expressing concern that the complex would be too close to the Belvidere neighborhoods, and city staff received one phone call about it as well (possibly from the same person). But at the aldermen's public hearing, no members of the public spoke either for or against the project.
"I think it's a very positive thing for the city of Grandview," said Alderman Brent Steeno. "That many more apartments means that much more people living and shopping here, that much more sales tax...I think it's going to be great."
   City staff made several changes to the developer's proposal, requiring two parking spaces per unit, requiring Corrington Ave. to be up to public standards, and requiring the developer to submit a storm water runoff management plan.

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