Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grandview C-4 Enrollment Up

By Paul Thompson
After years of declining enrollment figures, the Grandview C-4 school district has seen a net gain in their enrollment numbers for 2011.
Enrollment increased 1.5% district-wide, as 57 more students were enrolled in the C-4 district this year than last. While the numbers do not represent a monumental shift in the district’s enrollment, they do instill confidence in a district that had dropped from 4,130 students in September 2005 to 3,744 in September 2010. On top of buoyed confidence, the district will also receive a financial gain from the addition of the 57 students.
“For every student we get, there is a reimbursement,” said C-4 Superintendent Dr. Ralph Teran. “We’re well positioned to be able to absorb 57 students.”
As of now, the state of Missouri calculates that each student added to a district is worth a $2,961 reimbursement. While the district won’t receive any of this funding until next school year, assuming that the C-4 district receives full state funding, they are in line to receive some $168,777 to cover the costs of the new students. Full state funding is no certainty, however, as this year the state has paid 92% of the $2,961 reimbursement figure. Still, the increase in enrollment is a positive sign.
“Grandview could be in a position to experience some growth,” Teran continued. “That’s only one data point, but it’s certainly more encouraging than going the other way. I think if we get another data point or two then we can get a better sense of if we are starting to trend up.”
Martin City has seen the biggest increase in their enrollment numbers, with 47 new students added over the past year. Twenty-two of those students were added to the middle school, while there were 25 additions to the elementary school. Teran speculated that the increases in Martin City could be related to recent housing development in the area as well as some re-drawing of boundaries following the closing of High Grove.
“That’s a good bump up,” explained Teran. “When we closed High Grove, we re-drew some lines and kind of extended the Martin City area a little more, to take in some of the apartments that used to go to Conn-West.”
Grandview High School saw the biggest decline, losing 16 students from last year, although the increase in enrollment at the elementary and middle school level bode well for the district’s lone high school.
“Our hunch has been to assume that people have choices, and maybe they haven’t chosen us. My sense is that is going to start moving upward,” said Superintendent Teran. “We’re a district that is improving, and student performance is increasing, but you have a little work to do to get that message out.”
-Also at the October 20 meeting, the Board of Education approved a bond project to renovate the GHS baseball field.  The project calls for major updates to the field, including replacing the sod in the outfield, laser grading the field for proper drainage, building a new pitching mound, and putting down a new pitching rubber, home plate, and base anchors and plugs.
“It’s just time to do that,” said Superintendant Dr. Ralph Teran. “Hopefully there will be many more opportunities to improve facilities.”
The renovations were prioritized in the high school’s recent bond funding, and now the district has agreed to pay Game Time Athletics no more than $32,030 to complete the revamping of the field. The bid from Game Time Athletics provided the best value to the district, as competing bids from CW Development Construction and Mid-America Golf and Landscape came in at $45,550 and $55,711, respectively.
-The 3rd Annual Grandview C-4 Trivia Night will take place on November 1 between 6-8:30 p.m. in the south gym. The event is presented by the Grandview Education Foundation, with all proceeds going towards GEF Innovative Teaching Grants and Student Scholarships. The event will be MC’d by Fox 4 meteorologist Don Harman.

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