Thursday, March 8, 2012

KC PIAC Projects Approved

By Seann McAnally
Some $3.3 million in Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) funds have been assigned to projects in Kansas City’s 6th District – but a difference of opinion on whether some projects should be funded means about a half million dollars are still unassigned.
The projects were approved by the City Council on Feb. 9, and the money becomes available on May 1. A specific timeline for completion of the projects has not yet been established.
The projects include:
• $1.5 million for street improvements from Holmes to Oak along 135th St. in Martin City.
• $720,000 for new sidewalks on the west side of Blue Ridge from 1-470 to Red Bridge Rd.
• $39,000 for a bus shelter at Holiday Dr. and Blue Ridge Blvd.
• $14,000 for modifying a traffic signal at the intersection of Carnoustie Dr. and State Line Rd.
• $230,000 for clearing and grading lots on the west side of the Longview Aquatic Center (The Bay). This involves purchasing lots on the west side of the center to create more entrances and exits.
• $222,000 to renovate ball fields and update scoreboards at Clark-Ketterman Park.
• $100,000 toward the Streetcar Rail project from Union Station to City Market. Even though this is not in the 6th District, all council districts contributed a share of their money toward this project.
Some $470,833 is left as a “6th District Contingency,” which means it is currently unassigned. Rose Rhodes, Capital Improvements Administrator for the city, said it’s a common practice to leave PIAC funds in place without assigning them.
“Often they’ll leave a contingency, so if a big project comes along they’ve got something in place for it,” Rhodes said.
“That could be used on multiple projects,” 6th District at-large Councilman Scott Taylor said. “We’ll know within a few weeks how that contingency will be allocated.”
Sixth District Councilman John Sharp said that he and Taylor are working through a difference of opinion on whice project should get the remaining $500,0000.
In the 5th District, one project of interest to South Kansas City residents is an allocation of $375,000 for improvements to curbs, sidewalks, and driveways from Bannister Rd. to 87th St. along Blue Ridge Blvd.

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