Thursday, March 15, 2012


On March 1-3, local high schools competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition Kansas City Regional inside Hale Arena. For this year's competition, students had to build a basketball-playing robot.
Ruskin High School Team H.E.R.M.E.S. (How Eagle Robotics Makes Extreme Stuff) robot, ‘Artemis,' ranked 26th out of 64 teams with a 6-5 record. Front: Anaezha Smith, Dennis Baleta, Isac Olivares, Ryan Ford; Second Row on the left side of robot: Sadie Carrillo, Julia Nichols, Timothy Nolen; Third Row from left to right: Breanna Stevenson, Sara Black, Sara Nichols, Tailor Greer Mark Gibeson, Caleb Green, Felix Titalangha, Andrew Linson; Last Row: Diana Discher (Assistant Coach), Todd Barney (Head Coach), Steven Nguyen, Abdullah Bensyusuf, Ian Sisson. (Photo by John Baccala) 
 The Grandview High School Robotics Team 2560 (A.K.A. Robodog) received an overall placement of 19 at the event, led by head coach Clark Vance (pictured at left). In early January, GHS and all other teams received a basic kit of parts and were given six weeks to build a robot capable of playing a game called Rebound Rumble. The task also required students to create and maintain a team website and create video logs of their endeavor. 
The GHS team members were Audrey Barton, Rachel Evans, Darrien Fuller, Peton Kent, Michael Murphy, Charlie Paquet, Venitto Reji, Deion Russell, Cody Thiery, Dustin Thiery, Shelbe Thompson, Adelkies Torres, Austin Willoughby, CJ Wilson, James Wright and Jacob Zachary. Team 2560 was led by GHS instructors Clark Vance and Cindy Gibson. (Photo by Lane Lucas)

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