Friday, April 6, 2012

Ruskin Student Dies in Car Crash

A Ruskin junior was killed Wednesday during what police are calling a possible drag-race on Hillcrest between 87th and 95th streets.

Alycia Cornelius, who would have turned 18 on April 25th, was riding in a car with a young man who graduated from Ruskin last year. Inside another car was her best friend, another Ruskin junior, who was riding in a car with an unidentified 18 year-old man. The two girls had skipped school, said Hickman Mills C-1 spokesperson John Baccala.

According to witnesses, the cars were speeding north on Hillcrest when the driver of Alycia's car lost control, hitting a tree and killing Alycia. The driver of the car, a 2011 Ruskin graduate, was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the second car was taken into police custody and released. The incident is under investigation.

School officials say that Alycia was an active, well-liked student at Ruskin High School. Grief counselors are on hand at the school.

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