Thursday, June 6, 2013

Casey's Resignation Leaves Open Seat on C-4 Board

By Mary Wilson
After going through the candidate interview process just a short time ago, the Grandview C-4 School Board is once again taking applications for a vacancy caused by resignation of former board president Rachel Casey. The board held a special open meeting on Monday, June 3, to approve the resignation along with two other agenda items.
According to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Susan Kirkpatrick, board member policy states that if a board member wishes to apply for a position in the school district, a resignation must be submitted. The resignation then has to be approved by the board before Casey can proceed in the application process. The board unanimously accepted Casey’s resignation effective immediately.
“We will plan to recognize Mrs. Casey at the June 27th regular board meeting,” said Board President Cindy Bastian. “She has requested that we donate to GAP (Grandview Assistance Program) if we wish to make donations in her honor.”
At a previous meeting, the board approved upgrades to the auditorium at Grandview High School. Part of that upgrade includes replacement of the carpeting, The board unanimously approved the work to be done by Mannington Commercial at a cost not to exceed $29,555.26. This will replace all of the carpeting in the auditorium, including in the back.
The board also approved the 2013-2014 salary schedule, benefits and quality of life recommendations brought forth by Grandview 10 and Grandview 8.
“Grandview 8 and 10 have worked collaboratively in making recommendations that impact both the certificated and classified staff,” said Kirkpatrick.
According to Kirkpatrick, the ratification votes were overwhelmingly passed by both certificated and classified staff in the district. The following changes in compensation were approved on Monday:
1. Apply a 2% increase to the base salary of all certificated, central office, and administrative staff.
2. Apply a 2% increase to all hourly rates on the classified salary schedules.
3. Maintain board-paid health insurance(approved at the April board meeting).
4. Continue tuition reimbursement for certificated staff.
5. Continue early notification of retirement option for certificated staff (lump sum payment not to be included in retirement calculation).
6. Fund horizontal movement on the certificated salary schedule, based on continuing education credit.
7. Fund changes to classified staff salary schedules to provide internal equity among classified staff positions, as well as equity with the external job market.
8. Align all department chair compensation – move elementary department chairs from column G to column F on the Extra Duty B-Salary Legend.
“On behalf of Grandview NEA, who is the elected representative for the certificated staff, and for GFSP, the elected representative for our classified staff, we would like to thank the board for your support in the process,” said Rebeka
McIntosh, Grandview NEA President. “It was a difficult year, but Grandview 8 and Grandview 10 worked collaboratively on some really thorny issues and came to a good package for both of our groups that was well received by both groups. Coming up on the thirtieth anniversary of Grandview 10, we can be proud of the work we did this year.”
The next regular open meeting for the Grandview C-4 School Board will be on Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

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