Friday, July 5, 2013

C-4 School Board Welcomes New Member

By Mary Wilson
After accepting applications for the open board seat left vacant due to Rachel Casey’s resignation, the Grandview School Board interviewed the sole applicant, and ultimately decided on appointing Wayne Terpstra to the seat. Terpstra, who applied and interviewed for the seat now filled by Jon Brax, referenced his business sense and financial background in the interview process.
The oath of office was given at the beginning of the board meeting on Thursday, June 27. During Dr. Ralph Teran’s Superintendent’s report, members of the Grandview High School track team who won the state title for the third year in a row, met with the board and discussed their accomplishments.
“What you said about being a team,” said Teran, “it’s about being there together. We’re really proud of you.”
Also at the meeting, after welcoming a new board member, the board recognized Rachel Casey for her service to the
Grandview School District and the board. President Bastian presented Casey with a certificate in honor of her devotion to the district from 2008 to 2013. Casey also received a lifetime pass to Grandview School District events and donations were made to the Grandview Assistance Program in honor of Casey’s years of service.
“Everyone knows the saying that smooth seas don’t make good sailors,” said Grandview National Education Association President Rebeka McIntosh to Casey, “and boy did you navigate this one well. You wore these five years very well, and it will have reaching impact and we thank you for that.”
New high school administrators, Ryan Beatty and Adrian Howard, were given an opportunity to introduce themselves to the board. Beatty has been a special education teacher in the district for thirteen years and has coached a wide variety of sports.
“I appreciate being given this opportunity,” said Beatty. “We have the best kids in the city. We really do.”
Howard served most recently as an elementary principal in the Kansas City Public School District. He has been working in education for many years, and has served in many different capacities.
“I haven’t really been a part of a team for a little while,” said Howard, “so I’m very excited to be a part of this team. I think that Grandview High School can be a blue ribbon school. That’s part of my goals. There are great kids in Grandview and I think that with the resources that are given to them, they can have a world-class education.”
The board unanimously approved the purchase/lease of new technology for a 1:1 initiative at the high school. The district has spent the last couple of years taking a look at the type of skills Grandview students should possess throughout their education.
“We’ve discussed PC versus Apple, tablet versus laptop and really planned with what instructionally needs to happen for kids and what they need to know about each content area,” said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
and Instruction Lisa Walker. “We determined that based on our findings that the MacBook Air would be the best tool.”
District administration felt that the MacBook Air would do the type of collaborating work that would enhance the learning of the students at the high school level. Earlier in the 2012-2013 school year, the board approved the lease/purchase of the devices for the staff at the high school and CAIR. Over the course of the last several months, the staff has been training on the devices in order to be ready to help the students in the coming school year.
The board approved a four-year lease for the MacBook Air devices, at an annual cost of $329,383.80, for a total
cost of $1,317,535.20. That amount is consistent with the 3-year technology budget plan that was approved
at the April 2013 board meeting.
Also approved at the meeting was bond project foundation work to be done at Grandview Middle School. The next regular meeting for the Grandview School Board will be on Thursday, July 18 at 6:30 p.m.

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