Friday, February 1, 2019

Grandview C-4 removes half days from 2019-20 school year

by Mary Wilson

The Grandview Board of Education typically adopts the school calendar for the following year each January without much discussion, as the overall scope of it doesn’t change year after year. However, Grandview families and teachers will see significant changes in the 2019-20 school calendar. 

“This board item is a bit lengthier than it usually is because we have a dramatic change in our calendar for next year,” said Superintendent Dr. Kenny Rodrequez during the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, January 17. “We’re looking at the removal of early release days in our district and going to full professional development days. This removes the half days and would give us more opportunities with our teachers to work with them on professional development, not just our certified staff, but our classified staff as well.”

Districts in Missouri are required to provide 1,044 hours of student attendance, with no minimum number of days. School calendars must also include 36 make-up hours for inclement weather, for a total of 1080 hours. After several input meetings from district personnel and staff and parent surveys, a proposal to move to full day professional development was considered.

“With the staff survey that we did, and we were provided a lot of input from a variety of different sources throughout our individual sites, we saw that staff is 70 percent in favor,” said Rodrequez. “The survey was also completed by district families, and 70 percent of our families were also in favor of this. I know that I have heard, since I’ve been in this district, several parents who struggle with the early release days.”

The proposed 2019-20 calendar creates eight full-day non-student attendance days, eliminating all but two half days (during parent/teacher conferences in October and the final day of school). The 175-day calendar, which the district has had for many years, provided for approximately 1,091 student attendance hours. Although the draft 2019-20 calendar exceeds the number of state required hours, five minutes will need to be added to the daily schedule in order to maintain approximately the same state funding.  Doing so provides 1092.16 hours, comparable to the current calendar.

“How adding that five minutes plays out in regards to each school’s schedule, we’ll get into that later on as we’re developing this,” said Rodrequez.

The district did its best in the calendar to keep the full days off on Fridays, providing for a long weekend for students. Non-student attendance days are designated as Professional Days. In November and April, they will fall on election days to alleviate safety concerns and disruptions to schools that are polling stations. 

“Overwhelming feedback from our sites that are polling stations was that they would rather not be in school on election days,” said Rodrequez. “It is a security risk for us, in our opinion, and it can be very disruptive.”

The calendar also includes a transition half day for incoming sixth and ninth-grade students.  All middle school and high school staff will be on site to help and support those students the day before classes officially begin on the first day of school. Elementary staff will have an additional half-day without students. The first day of school will be all day. 

The Board of Education unanimously approved the adoption of the 2019-20 school calendar with the proposed changes, and a copy of it will be available in the coming months on the district’s website.

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