Thursday, February 6, 2020

Candidates File for April Elections

by Mary Wilson

The deadline for those interested in filing for local elected positions was last week, and those who wish to serve on school boards or city council in Grandview have made their first move in what will be a few months of campaigning.

Grandview’s Board of Aldermen has three positions open, one in each of the three wards. Each ward has multiple candidates for the positions. In Ward 1, incumbent Sandy Kessinger has decided to step down from service to the City of Grandview. Former Alderman Debbie Bibbs, who resigned from the position in September of 2016 due to health issues, has filed again for Kessinger’s seat, along with resident Tom McBride.

“Serving on the Board of Aldermen has been one of the most educational and gratifying activities of my adult life,” said Kessinger. “As a society, we tend to think meaningful outcomes are attained at the federal or state level. Conversely, I have learned that our neighborhoods and local communities are the venues where we can have a powerful voice and have the most impact on our day-to-day lives. To this end, it was a privilege to serve the citizens of Grandview by being their voice.”

In Grandview’s Ward 2, incumbent Annette Turnbaugh has filed for her own seat, and she is contested by Kaele Bybee and Bud Day. In Ward 3, incumbent James Crain has also filed for his seat, and he is contested by Ron Brownlee.

In the Center School District, seven candidates for three open positions are seeking office. Incumbent Marcie Calvin, Sam Cook, Johnathan Decker, Margo Simms-Hurst, incumbent Danielle Quinn, Amy Carr and Bryce Thomas Shields will face off in April.

Grandview School District also has three open positions. Four filed; however, candidate Sheila Maberry has since withdrawn due to family health issues. Therefore, an election for Grandview Board of Education will not be held, and the three candidates will be sworn in in April. Incumbent Monica Terry, Damon Greene and Don Kessinger will take the oath of office.

Finally, Hickman Mills also has three positions open, for which six candidates have filed. Former board member Byron Townsend, former State Representative DaRon McGee, incumbent Clifford Ragan, incumbent Richard Abram, Irene Kendrick and Debbie Long will campaign for their spot on the school board.

The Advocate will issue questionnaires to each candidate seeking office, and those will be printed in March, prior to the election on April 7, 2020.

Filing for the statewide August 4, 2020 primary election opens on February 25 and closes on March 31.

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